your wedding day tips for a beautiul and memorable day

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As a Wedding Photographer I love to make sure that my clients have the most memorable experience possible on their #Wedding Day. I have a little different concept of what exactly my roles are as your photographer. Some would say " are you not just there to capture their special moment?" The answer is yes, I am there to capture every single moment of this day and to document and write your story. To me a Wedding Day is the beginning of a couples story. We do not just live, work, retire, and move on and leave our loved ones with our worldly treasures. I feel that we have a purpose in this world and we have a story to write and tell about.  As a Wedding photographer I get to help create and even write in the beginning of your story of life! Brides put so much time and effort into planning this special day that a lot have dreamed about their entire lives! I feel as their photographer I should put just as much if not MORE effort into my part of their day to assure not just a good wedding day. I do not want your family and friends that attended or even you on your first anniversary saying "that was a good Wedding".  I want to help you create spark, excitement and a story that will live on in the hearts of others for a lifetime! I want to help you create a memorable, earth shaking and fun filled day of so many emotions. I want to capture the emotions of love, excitement, joy, and so many more! I could stand back and take mediocre images that you could say were good. I want to exceed the good and reach for the stars. When you pull out your Wedding album I want to bring tears of joy to those who share in looking at these moments with you. I want the room to be filled with laughter and joy. Every time that you turn a page I want you to feel the moment again as the emotion dances from the pages of your story! Let me help you write a story that others will talk about for not just a life time but for lifetimes to come! #Butterfly Kisses Photography, LLC not just taking a picture of you on your special day but helping to write and create a beginning story to your happily ever after.


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