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upcoming event for Butterfly Kisses Photography

January 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hello everyone I am Amy Lancaster, Owner and Operator of Butterfly Kisses Photography, LLC. I have a lot of new and interesting things to share with all of my clients for the new and upcoming Valentine's Day!  I really do enjoy this celebrated time for love and happiness.  Finding that special someone can be such a joyous feeling. I have learned over the years what true love really is and I have also realized in my older age LOL that if someone really loves me that they will love the real me the me that will not have to change who I am to receive acceptance.  I know that we have all had those relationships to where we feel we cannot be our true selves but that we care so deeply for the other person that we would do anything to please them so we bend, change and adjust just to suit our significant other. Then before we know it we do not even recognize the person we are. After a long hard learning experience I realized this is not love my friends.  At the time I could not have imagined love to have been any thing different. If you would have said to me this is not love, I would have declared you as crazy because I was indeed CRAZY over my love, or so I thought?  I have now been married to the real love of my life for five wonderful years now. My wonderful husband has actually taught me what true love is. As girls that watch way to many Disney movies, YES I AM GUILITY! We get this miss understanding of what love is right from the start we were doomed LOL! Don't let me get off on a tangent again.  I do that from time to time, get off track. As I was saying my husband has shown me what real love is. Real love is someone that will love you just as you are. They will love your imperfections and let you be yourself. When you find the one to me it does not mean that this magic light goes off and you hear instant love songs LOL! Real love is knowing this person will not leave you, they will not forsake you in your time of need. My significant other completes the missing parts of me. We balance each other out. I know he has my back at all cost! He looks at me and loves me the same with my messy morning hair and PJs and he does when I have spent 2 hours at the salon trying to look my best. Although, LOL when I ask him "how does my hair look, better this way or the other?" He always says "I like it just the way you do, because I love you and if it is on you it is my favorite" I know, I know drives me nuts sometimes but he says that because he loves me :) we do not always get along and mesh just perfectly. This is what makes it perfect though because I know that even though we are not getting along that he is here to stay. We may have our words but in the end his love does not change, it does not tarnish. We are just learning and growing together. I am a person that loves deeply and feels deeply. I love spending time with each and everyone of you. I love seeing my little clients grow and change over the months and years and I feel so blessed that you have chosen me to capture these moments for you and your family. I love to blog and share personal thoughts and experiences because I feel like I am sharing a very special and intimate moment with you and your family. I am getting to know you on such a personal level that you should have the opportunity to know me as well. I love celebrating Valentine's Day. I can't wait to share all of my new props and ideas with you all! I strive to make each session special and a personalized experience that will capture the smiles and joy on each clients face. I know as a mother these are the moments we cannot get back and I love this part of my photographing others that I can capture that special expression and moment to make a memory in time that everyone can look upon and feel love and laughter in their hearts that will indeed last a lifetime! I am so blessed that you have chosen me to share in these moments! I do not want to meet but to exceed your expectations! Until next time, God Bless to all, Amy Lancaster @ Butterfly Kisses Photography, LLC


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