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Burcham 2017JT,Bella,Aunna V-Day 2017London&Lucas V-Day 2017Blair V-Day 2017Nathaniel V-Day 2017Armstrong V-Day Mini 2017Kyndal and Hudson V-Day 2017Madelynn & Preston V-Day 2017Caleb,Gradyn, Cora V-Day 2017Haven & Sophie V-Day 2017Pippah & Abel V-Day 2017Anastasia V-Day 2017Kennedi V-Day 2017Abby and Andy V-Day 2017loyal cardHaven Valentines Day 2017Anniston and Zayden V-Day 2017Noah & Lakota V-Day 2017Kendal and Ian V-Day 2017Maxton V-Day 2017Morris Family Gallery 2017Kennedy and Parker V-Day 2017Brooklyn Newborn 2017Sheffey Wildcats Basketball-2017Naomi & Luca Easter 2017Mary Maternity Gallery 2017Adkins Easter Gallery 2017London&Lucas Easter 2017Connor,Carter,Kyndal&Hudson Easter 2017Bailee Easter Gallery 2017Payton Turns 2  in April of 2017Allie Easter 2017Hunter and Paislee Easter Gallery 2017Hinkley Easter Gallery 2017Annalee Cline Easter 2017Zadens First Easter 2017Easton Newborn 2017Charles Debord III> "Chaz" Newborn Gallery 2017Jackson Easter Gallery 2017Ayden & Skyelar Easter Gallery 2017Aleeah Jenelle Bugg Easter 2017Jackson Sadler Easter Gallery 2017Addison-Josiah-Brayden Easter Gallery 2017Umberger Easter Gallery 2017Cole & Adina Easter Gallery 2017MacKenzie&Ryleigh Easter Gallery 2017Jaxon Hurst Easter Gallery 2017Madilyn Cook Easter Gallery 2017Maddie and Tanner Williams Easter 2017Anna Leigh Dalton Easter 2017Alaina Woodyard Easter 2017Maddi-Atti-Aya Easter 2017Gabe & Mckinley Reese Easter 2017Madelyn & Bethany Moles Easter 2017Grant & Gretta Easter Gallery 2017Jacie Maxwell Easter Gallery 2017Tony GarrisonBrittany Sutherland Easter Gallery 2017Mai and Aiden Easter Gallery 2017Conner Akers Easter Gallery 2017Rakes Family Easter Gallery 2017George & Alexandra Easter Gallery 2017Issaac Easter gallery 2017Delaney Coppedge Easter Gallery 2017Michal Easter Gallery 2017Bethany Anderson & dog 2017Yulanda Maternity 2017Piper & Jaylynn Easter Gallery 2017Kylee & Jerrikoe Easter Gallery 2017Madison & Maelyn Easter 2017Nova Terry Easter 2017Destiny & Brittiany Easter 2017Savannah & Colton Easter 2017Emma Parker Gallery 2017Phillips Easter Gallery 2017Addison Grace Easter Gallery 2017Zachary Byrd Easter Gallery 2017Gabriel McFarland Easter 2017Scott Family Easter Gallery 2017Gracie,Samuel, & Olivia 2017John & Rylee Easter 2017Camden & Vada Easter 2017Ella Easter 2017RaeLynn Easter Gallery 2017Davis Easter Gallery 2017Jemma Easter Gallery 2017Jordan & Justin engagement gallery 2017Kayla & Joshua engagement 2017Kayleigh Easter 2017Airess Newborn Gallery 2017Jordan Maternity Gallery 2017Aiylnn Easter Gallery 2017Mason & Landon Easter Gallery 2017Curtis & Logan Engagement 2017Sheffey Pageat 2017Christina Cole Mommy&Me2017Jackson&Kaitlin Prom 2017Ed & Tracy 2017Courtney Dalton Mommy&Me2017Ashley Hayes Mommy&Me2017ELLIE TURNS ONEBen&Kacey Engagement2017Jacquelyn Mommy&Me2017Kayla & Josh Wedding Day 2017Will Cole Daddy&me2017MaKayla Rakes Class of 2018Chatauqua Pageant 2017Umbarger Family Session 2017Graham Newborn Gallery 2017Alyvia Class of 2018Jaxon Carter Cornett Newborn 2017Carter Turns O-N-E 2017Emily&William Engagement 2017Dalton Daddy&Me2017Greyson Class of 2018Ed&Tracy Wedding 2017Smith Maternity Session 2017Luca 10 months old in 2017Abby Class of 2018Madison Class of 2018Alaina Turns ONEAbby Cheer Senior 2018Kora Newborn Gallery 2017Kyndal & Hudson Turn 2Walker Class of 2018New Gallery 16-Aug-17Luca turns O.N.E.-2017Evelyn Rose Newborn Gallery'17Aleeah Jenelle Turns ONEJordan's Bridal Gallery 2017Jordan&JustinWedding'17Bella'17Rachel Riggs Fall Session'17Sophia Fall Gallery '17Lambert Fall Gallery '17Hunter Family Fall Gallery '17Gretta & Grant Fall Gallery '17Rorrer Fall Family Gallery '17Thatcher Fall Family Gallery '17Cole & Adina Fall Gallery '17Umberger Fall Family Gallery '17Thorton Family Fall Gallery '17Mabry-Fields Fall Family Gallery '17Addison O'Berry Fall Gallery '17Easton&Weston Fall '17Worrell Family Fall Galley '17Stuart Family Fall Gallery '17Hunter turns ONEEmily's Bridals 2017Dylan Class of 2018Holden's Newborn Gallery '17Sophie Headshots'17Jessica Maternity Gallery '17Tate Fall Family Gallery '17Taylor Wedding 2017Emery Newborn Gallery 2017King Fall Family Gallery 2017Cole Fall Family Gallery 2017Naomi & Luca Christmas 2017K&K Christmas 2017Faudale Fall Family Gallery '17Curfiss Family Session 2017Courtney Family Fall Gallery 2017Ti-Ti Senior Session 2018Hall Family Christmas 2017Addison Christmas Gallery 2017Skylar newborn gallery 2017Jayden-Emmitt-Owen Christmas '17Adina&Cole Christmas 2017Carpenter Christmas Gallery 2017Halsey Christmas Gallery 2017Addison&Karee Christmas 2017Tilson Family Gallery 2017Ellie Christmas 2017Garland Christmas Gallery '17Aurora 2-Dec-17Rife Family Christmas Gallery 2-Dec-17Bolen-CasonTurns1-Dec-17Ferrierra Christmas 2017Porter Family Gallery 2017Hyatt Family 2017Akers Christmas gallery 9-Dec-17Dunford Christmas 10-Dec-17Schultz Christmas Gallery 10-Dec-17Brittany Maternity Dec-17Bolen Christmas Gallery 2017

Guestbook for All Photographs
Rebecca king
I have had the honor of working with Butterfly Kisses. Amy done my sons senior pictures. She done an amazing job working with my son. She got to know him and made his senior memories even more special . I look forward to working with her again. Thanks for putting your heart into your work . 5 stars
Amy Newberry(non-registered)
Amy done a wonderful job with our family pictures! We will be using her for all of our family pictures in the future.
Dylan Kirby(non-registered)
Absolutely loved working with Amy! Can't wait for her to capture memories on my wedding day :)
Karla Hodge(non-registered)
I'm so glad I found Butterfly kisses photography to capture the milestones of my babygirl Jemma as she's growing. Amy does amazing work and is very good with our daughter. I try to recommend her to anyone looking for someone to do any types of pictures.
Jennifer Akers(non-registered)
Amy did a great job with our pictures! She is very nice, and asked us what kind of pictures we wanted, to make sure we got what we wanted. She added things to make the pictures just right. I definitely would recommend her!
The guestbook is empty.